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Thrapsano is a village located 28 km south from Knossos. The primary characteristic of this village is the reputation that it has concerning the pottery and especially the creation of big jars called “pitharia”.

The history of the pottery in village has a long pathway and is lost in time. All mentions about Thrapsano in historical documents are accompanied with reports about the pottery.

Talking to the potters of Thrapsano you will understand at once their thoughts about pottery. They believe that their job is not a regular one, but they serve the art of pottery delivered to them by their ancestors.
From father to son and so on, they are continuing this great art, and they are pervaded by the feeling that this trail of knowledge reaches the Minoan era.
Observing the materials, the forms and the technique of the manufacture (specifically of big jars) but also the way of baking that our ancient ancestors used, you feel that this unique art has passed through  centuries without radical changes and is continued even today in Thrapsano.

The pottery art of Minoans and especially the findings located in the palace of Knossos was always a source of inspiration for the potters as this magnific place glitters a perpetual strength and beauty. No one can escape this sensation during the visit of the palace, how more the potters who feel their hands have followed the path which unfolded by Minoan potters.