The village of Margarites is south east from Rethymnon town in the centre of the island of Crete in Greece and has a long tradition in hand-made pottery.

Margarites are the most important pottery center of western Crete.
In the area there are numerous deposits of clay, which explains to some extent the long occupation of the inhabitants with the art of clay.
The first report of the involvement of locals with ceramics comes from the American traveler Richard Pococke, who traveled to Central and Western Crete, in 1739. It is, however, very likely Margarites to started as a settlement of potters since their inception.

Cretan Pottery

In Creta pottery, observing the materials, the forms and the technique of the manufacture (specifically of big jars) but also the way of ceramics baking that our ancient ancestors used, you feel that this unique pottery art has passed through centuries without radical changes and is continued even today.

Creta Ceramics

The Cretan pottery makers were traveling, in well organized groups, around the island bringing together all required equipment and setting up hole new ceramics laboratories in the areas they visited. In this way they served the exact needs of remote areas while it had proved much easier to carry the pottery equipment than carry the bulky and heavy pots around the island with donkeys...

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creta ceramics